Monday, September 8, 2008

Wii Fit... again

So today I'm starting on a "wii fit" routine. Yup... monday, wednesday, friday I'm going to do some aerobic exercise with some strength training, adding in yoga and balance games for fun. Then the other days I will forgo strength training and do lots of extra aerobics and yoga, with balance games thrown in for fun. I want to do at least 20 minutes on the "bank" each day, and add in some extra normal walking and other work (like tuesdays I clean house... that banks as "working out" for me).

Anyway, I'm so proud of myself. I did 31 minutes today already. Hubby did his 10 minutes today too. I did the table tilt game with the marbles and got all the way to the bottom... with one second to spare! Ha ha. So, 81 points. Not a lot, but better than the 40 I got yesturday. I also accomplished the "advanced balance test". Seriously... not easy. I did the hoola hoop and got over 200 points! I think I'm doing pretty good for being preggers. I was doing some of the strength training, and I'll have to make sure not to do any of the "twisting" things due to my belly, but the push up went well, as did the single leg extension and lunges. I unlocked two more strength training exercises as well and another yoga pose. I also unlocked a longer jogging section. That will be good for tomorrow.

I enjoy looking at the graphs. I only have 3 days up there. I just saw that you can log in any time you spend doing anything outside of the wii fit game itself. Light, medium, and heavy exercise. So, tomorrow I'll have to log in my housecleaning time. That's "medium". Cooking, stretching, etc is light. I like how it logs everything for you and helps you keep track.

Anyway, thats all for now. I'll keep you posted. I have to say, those strength training exercises really work the leg muscles! Woo! Time for bed soon.

Keep on Playin.

Wii Fit

So, on Saturday we broke down and purchased Wii Fit! I'm thrilled with it so far. Both hubby and I registered ourselves and did the fitness test. We didn't do so well the first time, both scoring an age that was more than 10 years above our actual age. I redid mine (I did it at 10:30pm) and got a much better score... right on my actual age actually. I was happy with that. I then proceeded to try the deep breathing and crescent moon yoga exercises. Apparently I have really good posture!

Yesturday evening I hit the scale yet again... and gained 1.5 lbs... so now I'm 162lbs and just barely overweight. Well, I AM 9 months pregnant! My Wii Fit age dropped to 20, which my little mii seemed thrilled about... I was quite suprised as well. I then proceeded to do some more yoga, as I really enjoy it! Did the deep breathing again, then the tree pose and the warrior. Did pretty good, but it seems my left side does better than my right... probably because they start with the right and I'm still trying to figure it out at that point. Apparently my balance is good because I got 3 stars on each. The breathing I got 98 points this time, vs 88 of last time.

The balance games were a lot of fun. I did the tightrope walk (woo hoo, I made it across), the marble drop (I got to level 5, which I thought was pretty good), the soccer ball one (I don't remember, but I know I did pretty well with that one... although I only got 2 stars), the ski jump (over 140 on the combined jumps), and the flags for skiing through... I did that one twice and only missed 2 flags on the second round. I'm feeling pretty good! Today I want to do some aerobics and strength training... if my protruding belly will allow for it of course. I'll keep you updated on my progress in this game. I've unlocked a few things already! Including a new yoga move... I'll have to try that one today yet too.

I think this game is a real good investment, even though I only have had it two days. It's a lot of fun so far, and even dear husband is getting in on it a little. It's fun to watch. Just think, pay $100 and have a game with a trainer and scale in your house you can use on your own time, no driving to the gym, etc. If you gain weight it asks you what you did the previous day that might have contributed to the weight gain and gives you suggestions on how to prevent it. Go to a gym... and not only do you spend money driving there (unless you live nearby, lucky you), I find the gym boring, and you pay $40-50/month for a membership. 2 months and you've already paid for this game and then some! Not only that, but combine the multiple members of your family and you've got even more savings! And they can each work at their own pace.

I can't wait to see what the game thinks of me after I give birth to baby (sometime in the next few weeks I'm hoping)... there will be quite the weight loss after only one day (smile).

Keep Playin!