Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mario Party

This year I decided to have my birthday early, and had a Mario themed party... it was nothing big (just a couple of couples came over).  We played Mario Kart for the Wii and had a blast...

No party is complete without food.  This was no exception.  And of course, it needed to follow the theme.

Below, 'pipe' pigs in blankets.

And 'star' biscuits.

Yoshi eggs in a carrot and celery nest (made spinach dip for those).

And here's the cake... made it to look like the mushrooms in the game.  It tasted good too!  :)

The whole 'spread'.

 And for fun, I took a pic as Princess Toadstool holding the cake.  No, I didn't dress up for the party... I didn't feel like it that day... but I decided to have a little fun with my costume later (half of the mushroom's head is gone, haha).  And playing with the pic is always fun, too.

Happy 25th anniversary Mario!  You've given us many fun times (and I look forward to many more). 

Bring on the games!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mario and the Gang

Halloween was great this year.  We went to a costume party, which was a lot of fun... and I decided to make my family ... the Toadstool Family.

 Yup... Mario, Princess Toadstool, Toadette, and my son is Toad.  I know, I haven't posted about him on this blog yet.  I have on my main blog... I just haven't done much on this one lately.  Sigh.  Sorry about that.

 I figure Mario is embracing the present... looking at his blackberry text from Toad telling him the princess is in another castle...

And now for two collages of photos from the evening.

I have a few fun pics I will have to post later... you know... Mario shopping and all that... haha.

Funny thing is, our costumes won quite a bit!  At the party my daughter won in the girl's category, my son in the boys, and my husband and I in the couples.  Then, on halloween weekend we went to the mall and I entered the kiddos in the contest there (for 5 and under)... and out of what seemed like 50 kids, we won second prize.  Go figure.  For costumes that took maybe $10 and hours of my time!

I just think the toad and toadette hats are the cutest thing ever.  :)

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween.