Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Wii Fit Update

So, I've officially unlocked everything, and logged over 25 hours of time on my wii fit (or at least, over 25 hours of wii fit credits). They change the color of the piggy 'bank' with the more hours you log... once at 10, and once at 20. I'll see in about a week and a half if they do so at 30 too.

I've been noticing something... I weigh myself every day, and in two months only missed one day of weigh in... it's awesome to see the graph and check my weight flux throughout the month. Anyway, on to my discovery... my weight increases on the weekend... usually due to friday or saturday. Then, it slowly decreases back to the previous weight... so I get small spikes each weekend and everything goes down again during the weeks... probably due to my workout routine and eating habits... I tend to eat more on weekends, and I don't tend to do the wii fit workouts on weekends (although I do get other exercise in usually, just not yoga and strength training).

So, my wii fit has been teaching me things! I'm currently at my ideal weight, which is nice... and my flux is always between 21.97 bmi and 22.65. Not bad.

I love this game... exercise... thing...

Oh, and as for the marble drop game... I beat the advanced with a score of 145! Whoop!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Been Awhile

Yeah... I haven't posted here in quite some time!

I ended up buying a new game for Wii called Zack and Wiki. It's quite fun. The puzzles are somewhat challenging as the game progresses and I have to admit I got stuck in a couple of places (I knew what I had to do, I just kept making one simple little mistake...). I don't care for the creepiness of Barbaros Castle at all, but the puzzles there are the most fun. Great buy for $20 in my opinion.

We also picked up a points card from "The Source" recently. That's the cheapest way to get them here in Canada currently. Taking into consideration the dollar, it costs $24 to purchase through the Wii for 2000 points. They go for $25 retail in every store I've seen except The Source... there they can be picked up for $20. So, cha-ching in my wallet! Now to pick the games I want... Tetris Party looks promising, as does World of Goo. I'm also curious about Protect the Castle, Strong Bad, Pokemon Ranch, and Aquarium. Oh, and this other game... Lost Winds or something? Heard that one is really good too.

Wii Fit has proved to aid in getting me down to a BMI of 22, which means I actually weigh a bit less now than I did before getting preggers... and dear hubby has noticed my tummy getting flatter. I'm more flexible now with the yoga I've been doing. I love the last yoga move, the shoulder stand I think it's called. I can actually do it properly now instead of having to use my hands to get my legs where they need to go. My ab strength is almost back! Woo hoo!

I registered Marin on Wii Fit now too... (smile). She currently weighs 9.4lbs. Her BMI is low for her 'length' apparently, but that's ok. She isn't underweight. It's nice that I can keep track of her weight this way, and now that she's not sick anymore, she's gaining again (she was at a steady 9lbs for almost 2 weeks straight... and they are supposed to gain about 2lbs a month I've heard, although if she gains in general I'm happy with that). She weighs so little the scale says it can't find her center of balance, which is good since she's laying on the scale instead of standing (smile again).
Well, that's it for now. Gotta go do my weigh in for today and my 30 minute exercise... yeah... I upped my daily to 30, and sometimes kick it up to 60 with the free run or free step in aerobics. Great stuff.

Keep Playin!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How fit are you?

So, since having our little girl, I haven't been keeping up with Wii fit... until now. I started working at it again recently, and I have to say, I love the weigh-ins... I'm already basically back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I only have about 2 lbs to go... and I want to get my 'shape' back. Let's face it, pregnancy does a number on the belly!

I love the yoga. I've already unlocked all the extra exercises on all sections. I've lately been doing 30minutes a day again, and trying to remember to put in my activities on the graphs. I love the graphs. And the yoga has been helping my hips and pelvis get back to where they need to be.

I have to say, exercise is helping me deal with stress. It's stressful having a new little one. I love her to pieces, but it is definetly a strain getting up during the night to feed her, and dealing with her cranky times especially when it's just me with her. So, when she naps, not only do I nap (sometimes... not often anymore) but I do some workouts, along with other work that needs to happen.

So... on to my goal... two more pounds!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wii Fit... again

So today I'm starting on a "wii fit" routine. Yup... monday, wednesday, friday I'm going to do some aerobic exercise with some strength training, adding in yoga and balance games for fun. Then the other days I will forgo strength training and do lots of extra aerobics and yoga, with balance games thrown in for fun. I want to do at least 20 minutes on the "bank" each day, and add in some extra normal walking and other work (like tuesdays I clean house... that banks as "working out" for me).

Anyway, I'm so proud of myself. I did 31 minutes today already. Hubby did his 10 minutes today too. I did the table tilt game with the marbles and got all the way to the bottom... with one second to spare! Ha ha. So, 81 points. Not a lot, but better than the 40 I got yesturday. I also accomplished the "advanced balance test". Seriously... not easy. I did the hoola hoop and got over 200 points! I think I'm doing pretty good for being preggers. I was doing some of the strength training, and I'll have to make sure not to do any of the "twisting" things due to my belly, but the push up went well, as did the single leg extension and lunges. I unlocked two more strength training exercises as well and another yoga pose. I also unlocked a longer jogging section. That will be good for tomorrow.

I enjoy looking at the graphs. I only have 3 days up there. I just saw that you can log in any time you spend doing anything outside of the wii fit game itself. Light, medium, and heavy exercise. So, tomorrow I'll have to log in my housecleaning time. That's "medium". Cooking, stretching, etc is light. I like how it logs everything for you and helps you keep track.

Anyway, thats all for now. I'll keep you posted. I have to say, those strength training exercises really work the leg muscles! Woo! Time for bed soon.

Keep on Playin.

Wii Fit

So, on Saturday we broke down and purchased Wii Fit! I'm thrilled with it so far. Both hubby and I registered ourselves and did the fitness test. We didn't do so well the first time, both scoring an age that was more than 10 years above our actual age. I redid mine (I did it at 10:30pm) and got a much better score... right on my actual age actually. I was happy with that. I then proceeded to try the deep breathing and crescent moon yoga exercises. Apparently I have really good posture!

Yesturday evening I hit the scale yet again... and gained 1.5 lbs... so now I'm 162lbs and just barely overweight. Well, I AM 9 months pregnant! My Wii Fit age dropped to 20, which my little mii seemed thrilled about... I was quite suprised as well. I then proceeded to do some more yoga, as I really enjoy it! Did the deep breathing again, then the tree pose and the warrior. Did pretty good, but it seems my left side does better than my right... probably because they start with the right and I'm still trying to figure it out at that point. Apparently my balance is good because I got 3 stars on each. The breathing I got 98 points this time, vs 88 of last time.

The balance games were a lot of fun. I did the tightrope walk (woo hoo, I made it across), the marble drop (I got to level 5, which I thought was pretty good), the soccer ball one (I don't remember, but I know I did pretty well with that one... although I only got 2 stars), the ski jump (over 140 on the combined jumps), and the flags for skiing through... I did that one twice and only missed 2 flags on the second round. I'm feeling pretty good! Today I want to do some aerobics and strength training... if my protruding belly will allow for it of course. I'll keep you updated on my progress in this game. I've unlocked a few things already! Including a new yoga move... I'll have to try that one today yet too.

I think this game is a real good investment, even though I only have had it two days. It's a lot of fun so far, and even dear husband is getting in on it a little. It's fun to watch. Just think, pay $100 and have a game with a trainer and scale in your house you can use on your own time, no driving to the gym, etc. If you gain weight it asks you what you did the previous day that might have contributed to the weight gain and gives you suggestions on how to prevent it. Go to a gym... and not only do you spend money driving there (unless you live nearby, lucky you), I find the gym boring, and you pay $40-50/month for a membership. 2 months and you've already paid for this game and then some! Not only that, but combine the multiple members of your family and you've got even more savings! And they can each work at their own pace.

I can't wait to see what the game thinks of me after I give birth to baby (sometime in the next few weeks I'm hoping)... there will be quite the weight loss after only one day (smile).

Keep Playin!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's been a month

Yeah... and I haven't updated in a while! Oops. What can I say, I've been really busy doing renovations and prepping for the baby to come. Only 4 weeks till my due date, and there is still so much to finish!

The other day my parents and sis came down. My dad helped me put up the casings on the babyroom ceiling, and as we did that my sis played Mario Galaxy. She had forgotten everything she did from the last time she played, which was a good few months ago, so I don't blame her. She started figuring out bee Mario... we all got a kick out of her noises as she would fly and try not to die or anything. I wouldn't mind them coming down more often, and if she comes she is more than welcome to play.

Speaking of which, if I get some spare time I should pick up the game again. I'd like to play around with Twilight Princess a bit too, and Wii Sports. I'm really hoping to get Wii Fit sometime soon... probably should before the baby is born or else I may not get it at all. That one and Mario Kart.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Animal Crossing

So, Nintendo announced the new Animal Crossing: City Life game for the Wii! It is coming out November 16 of this year... just in time for my birthday! (smile). I've looked at some of the E3 footage, and am impressed. I don't know if some of my wishes will take place... mainly hoping for an actual "yard" in the game to display outdoor sets, and a photo album for townies pictures, but I know they have the online capabilities, you can visit a city and see all new shops, including an auction where you can bid on things and sell your own items, and the most interesting bit is the Wii Speak, allowing you and everyone in the room to talk to whomever you are playing with online (need online friend codes for the wii system, and probably the game as well). I'm definetly getting this one... if not for a birthday gift, then I'll use my savings... which will hopefully be back up once I get Wii Fit. ;)

Anyway, I've noticed that my ACWW game has been having plenty of rain as of late... not unlike us here at home. Almost every day it has been raining, and I'm not complaining. Means I don't need to water flowers and can go fishing instead. I'm seriously thinking of selling all my flowers and hybrids (I've had them up now for almost a year with no changes...), especially if I'm going to get the new AC:CL. I stopped playing the gc version of AC when I got the DS version, and will probably have similar happen. May as well sell the flowers instead of having them all die on me... but I won't do that for another few months.

That's it for now. See you on the Wii in a few months! ;) Here are a few links to tickle your fancy on the upcoming game.

E3 Website
IGN videos

Friday, June 27, 2008

DS Demos

Today I was unable to do any work in the house like I have been, so I decided to try a few game demos on the DS through the Nintendo Channel on the Wii. So, I tried most of the games. The crossword ones were pretty good. I also liked the wordsearch... however I enjoyed the crosswords more. The wordsearch just was too boring, and having to scroll from side to side was no fun. The wordsearch was more fun than paper ones because you could get it to tell you if the letter you put in was wrong... so if you had 2 different 5 letter words you could choose for 1 down, if you initially put in the wrong one, you aren't "stuck". I've never cared much for crosswords before...

The cake mania game was not my thing. Ok for playing a demo, but not for purchase in my opinion. The brain age and Flash focus games were what I expected. I have brain age, so I don't see the point in getting the 2nd. I prefer the sudoku. That's my fave. The Kung Foo Panda one was not my thing, and the Robot one (I can't remember the name right now... Wall E?) was ok but too easy and boring.

Try it out! So much fun to try things out...

Keep on playin!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mario Kart

On saturday we visited a couple of friends and after a BBQ, we played Mario Kart for the Wii! It was a blast! I'm so tempted to purchase it myself.

My husband tried playing both methods. You can play with the wiimote and nunchuck, or you can disconnect the nunchuck and put the wii remote in the included steering wheel. Our friends had two wheels. The second one costs about $20. I'm not sure if we'd want it right away, or if we'd just wait a bit.

Apparently, you can play with your Mii instead of the Mario characters! There are also a few choices of vehicle to race. I liked the standard kart, but once picked the standard "bike". Very difficult to control in comparison. I went off the edge in those races quite a lot. You can get a nice burst of speed however by 'popping' the front tire.

There were a few tracks included from various older Mario Kart games. Those were fun to play. There were quite the variety of tracks, and the characters to choose from are a variety as well. You can also unlock various other characters. Apparently, if you have Mario Galaxy, it can "send" Rosalina to the races, and you can race her (when she gets 1st she does the Queen wave, standing in her cart... it's quite hilarious).

In all, I really enjoyed the game. I really want to pick it up!

Keep on playin!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wii Remote Candy Dispenser

I thought this was so cute so I just had to share.

My hubby took me on a date this weekend while we were camping, and at the store we saw these candy dispensers that looked like the wiimote. The buttons look just like it and everything. Well, he bought me one. It's so cute! So, I figured I'd take a pic.

Now I have a Wiimote, Mario, and Chuck has his R2D2 candy dispensers. Wonder what else we'll find eventually.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wii Calendar

I've been trying out some of the Wii features lately as I don't have terribly many games to choose from currently. The Wii calendar feature is my latest victim. I've been actually typing up all sorts of little posts to myself about future dates, birthdays, tasks, appointments and things of that sort. My husband doesn't go on there much, but if he did he'd find a few posts to him with his Mii on them. I'm thinking of coming up with some kind of code... things I post to myself with no mii or a specific mii, things to my husband with his mii, and then if he wishes to post things to me, use my mii. Birthdays I post with the person's mii whose having the birthday. I've made one of each of my family members.

I like being able to see how much play time I've had on there as well. The fact that they post all that information when you've been playing on any of the channels is quite interesting.

So, do you use the Wii Calendar? How about posting letters to friends over wifi? I've posted a few. I've had fun with the picture taking option of your game stats in Mario Galaxy, and posted that to a friend who has the game as well. Getting letters from friends is nice as well. I wonder if there is a way to make the Wii blue light flash when you want to be reminded of a certain "post" you put on the calendar? I'll have to look into this further.
Anyway, that's my bit on the Wii Calendar feature. Keep Playin!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nintendo Channel

(pic from

So, I recently acquired the Nintendo Channel on the Wii, and I'm thrilled to have it! I love being able to preview upcoming games, both Wii and DS. This is something I'm so glad Nintendo decided to do, as it will not only aid in sales promotions, but it will help customers make more informed decisions on the games they wish to buy. I wasn't initially too big on Mario Kart Wii... not until I saw the preview for it on the Nintendo Channel. Now I'm much more inclined to buy it! I just wish I had more people in the immediate area that enjoyed playing as much as me. Chuck isn't as into it. I'm thinking I should buy (or maybe rent one or two) games that are great for parties and then have one. Do some matches on Wii Play (a friend of mine has that one), Super Smash Brawl, maybe rent or purchase Mario Kart, then there's Wii Sports... it would be great.

Wii Fit is looking more and more interesting to me. Being pregnant, I wouldn't expect to see "progress" on the game at first of course, not until the baby is born, but then I could track my weight loss progress afterwards. I love the idea of seeing it in chart form as I've always loved charts and graphs. Also, since I don't have a scale, this is like getting two things at once! And apparently this "scale" is very accurate... although it better be. The game and scale is about $100! I'm thinking I may wait to purchase it till the price goes down a bit. Sigh.

That's my lil blurb on the Nintendo Channel. I still have many little vids to watch yet. Till next time, keep on playin!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home Again

So we went on a trip you can read about in my Seeds of the Heart blog. I now need to catch up on Animal Crossing, and haven't played any video games the whole time. I decided not to bring the DS with me as I didn't want to risk losing it or damaging it. I didn't need it during the trip, brought books instead. I managed to "play ahead" my acww game to the 14th, so today I played the 15th, and should do the 16th too, just to help catch up a bit.

I saw some used games in one of the video rental stores for cheap. The GC game "Crystal Chronicles" was on for $13, and Mario Kart Double Dash was $15. What do you think... should I buy?

Thats all for now! Keep playin!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Brawl, etc

I'm loving the solo adventure option in Brawl. I played again yesturday for a little while, and am having a blast searching through the levels for different stickers and trophies, watching as the story unfolds, etc. I LOVE Peach. She is so cute and funny throughout. All the characters are awesome. Watch the cutscene after you get Peach and Sheik back... ok, and when you get them back. Hilarious!

I'm still debating what games to get through the Wii. Sigh. I've sorta stopped making miis, and the contest channel has kinda gone unused the last while. I still like the voting channel. I don't think I ever check the forecast through the wii anymore, or the news (I just don't see the point), but I love the messages you can post to friends or anyone in your own house. The calendar is awesome. I've been posting lil messages for myself all over it... and for hubby too of course.

Next game I really want... Wii Fit!

Keep on Playin!

Monday, April 21, 2008

DVD Burner

We recently had... uh... computer troubles. Annoyingly enough while I was doing work. Turns out the motherboard was fried. We found out that the cost of a new motherboard and installation fees was about $450, while a new tower, along with a few extras was only $590. Naturally, we went with a new tower. Along with it (included in the price) we got a firewire and corresponding cable, so now I can easily load our video to the computer. The RAM is doubled, and we have more ROM than we know what to do with. Plus, instead of a CD burner, we now have a DVD burner. Bonus! Now I can play Riven on my computer instead of just the laptop! Also really helpful with a load of other things... like burning pics on discs. Much less discs needed with a DVD burner.

Now if only we can find something to record video straight from the tv/video games to my laptop...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wii Shop Channel

I'm wondering what type of games people love on their Wii Shop Channel. So far I've gotten Ecco the Dolphin, Mario 3, and Paper Mario.

Ecco is an interesting game about... a dolphin. The graphics were stunning in their time, and still gorgeous to watch. I really enjoyed just swimming around with Ecco and practicing Sonar, eating fish, and so on. It's a beautiful game to watch... but extremely difficult to play. There were many times I couldn't get past an area because you get hit so easily (especially the ice areas). It wouldn't look like you were touched at all, but it would barely get to your tail or something and register as a hit. Not fun in that way. Otherwise though, the puzzles, the mazes, it was an interesting game. Not one I will play again all the way through though... more just for fun swimming. :)

Mario 3 is a must buy! An amazing game! We had this one when I was younger, and since you can "save" on the Wii, it's great! You can play for awhile, then go back and play some more. Perhaps I'll get to Bowser this time. I managed once on NES and got to the final castle (I've played through each world too) and said I was going to take a break, and my brother... poor guy... automatically went and pushed in the power button. Oops. We tried taping it in (as it won't turn off till the button comes back out) but it didn't work. He was so upset with himself!

Paper Mario is so fun! I really enjoyed this one. The story was great, it was quite funny, and the bits with Peach where you play as her on her own were sweet and a welcome break from the normal bits with Mario. I really enjoyed this game! I was able to play for hours at a time, and on those days where the weather wasn't great... sigh. I kinda want to start playing again!

Now I have to figure out whatever games I want to get next. I've been looking at the Donkey Kong Country trio, as well as Ecco Tides of Time as that one is supposed to have 3 difficulty settings and be "easier" and less annoying, Kirby for the NES, and then there's Super Mario 2 and A Link to the Past.

Are there any games you are hoping will hit the Wii Shop Channel? I really want to see Mario Paint Composer for the SNES! They could change it to use the wiimote instead of a mouse, and you could download the pics you do to post to your message board and send to friends, and the music you make could be made into mp3's to put on your SD card that you could get into your computer, or post to friends, or something. I would LOVE to see that game up there soon.

Well, that's my blurb on the Wii Shop Channel. Keep Playin!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Zelda Phantom Hourglass

So, I've defeated this game already. It's rather short, but loads of fun. I still have things to find out on the ocean, and so away I go, with Lineback asking me when I'll stop loafing around and save Tetra every time we dock. Sigh. I already DID save Tetra... now I'm having fun! Oh well.

I completed the trading side quest already and *spoiler alert* at the end of it all you learn a hurricane-like spin that makes you dizzy once done. Yeah, it's the same frantic spinning from Windwaker. Fun to watch, but I find it kinda useless myself. Never used it in Windwaker, and don't see myself using it here... but it's a nice finish to a side quest.

I'm still trying to find all the different ship parts and treasures. The latest treasure I got as a "new" one was pink coral. I'm missing one more... I saw it in a store once but that was early in the game when I didn't have enough rupees. Sigh. It's some kind of kingly ring.

Anyone manage to get over 1700 points in the Bow & Arrow mini game? I finally did... after many tries. I got 1800. Now he wants me to get better than 2000. I feel like just leaving it. It's probably just for a heart anyway. 1700 gets you a larger quiver. The bomb mini game was a lot easier. Same with the one on Dee Ess (lol) isle.

Anyway, that's my bit for now. Till later, keep on gaming!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finished the Mural!

I finally finished my mural! I took a few pics for you to enjoy. I have full size ones on photobucket as well.

The entire wall... I had to blend two pics to get this on one pic... it's a big wall and a small room.

Here is Zelda. She was the first part I completed on this mural. All her intricate gold work took a lot of time and this photo really doesn't do it justice. I finished her in 2005. She took about 10 days, working every day for 3 hours.

Here is Link. I finished him in 2005 as well. Link only took about a week to do as he doesn't have a lot of intricate work to him. His boots are my fave part!

And lastly, Ganondorf. I waited a good long time to work on him as I started school in September of 05 and graduated in May 07. He was mainly just a shadow, drawn in and somewhat shaded with color to help me decipher where to put things. I worked on him for about 15-20 days at 2 hours a day. That was spread out over a long period of time, especially since after grad lots of other things happened. I'm just so happy to be done. It all looks really good. Oh, and those whitish pieces? They would have to be the most difficult part. I redid the boots twice before figuring out how to do them just so, then the rest was easy. Plus, I was really out of practice, and decided to start up painting him again by going for the hardest portion first. Silly, really, but at least I didn't have to do it later!

I also worked on Navi, but she only took about 1/2 hour tops. Really easy as she's just a blue ball with a bit of shading, wings, and a trail of fairy dust behind her.

So, that's my accomplishment! I'm so thrilled to be done!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Zelda Phantom Hourglass

I'm addicted to this game! I just defeated the two headed gleox in the ice temple and that was the first time I needed any kind of help. I wasn't sure how to defeat it. I tried various things and seems that I almost had it a few times but wasn't hitting the things. So, when I checked how to defeat them online (after using one of my jars of potion), it was a breeze. So now I have two of the three precious metals. Oh, and that island is littered with rupees...

That's all I'll say for now. I'm gonna finish my mural today. I thought I was done yesturday but realized I forgot two small details... and I'm detailed, so I won't post pics till I'm DONE.

Later everyone!

Friday, March 28, 2008

New Games

So, I haven't played Riven in awhile as I've gotten busy with other things. Saturday we did grocery shopping and the had a deal on... if you purchase $250 in the grocery store (and electronics... wink wink), you get $30 back. So... since our groceries normally hit 180, we bought two games... Super Smash Brawl for the Wii ($50) and Zelda Phantom Hourglass for the DS (on sale from $35 to $25). Yippee! Both games are awesome! I love the adventure mode in SS Brawl, and Chuck and I play it together. Wifi will be fun to do as well! And Phantom Hourglass is addicting! The map feature is so nice (you can draw on your maps, and much of that is needed, especially when you have an uncharted island and have to actually draw it in)! I've now entered my code for both games on Animal Crossing Community, and I've also registered them both on I'll be getting a free zelda feather stylus for registering and doing a survey for Phantom Hourglass. Yippee! I love free things, lol.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be finishing my mural very shortly and will add pics of it soon... hopefully. ;)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Computer Gaming

I haven't been playing my Wii or my DS much, except to keep up with my animal crossing. But, I just dusted off my Riven game again. Riven is the sequel to Myst, a game I played years and years ago that I really enjoyed. I started Riven for the first time last year, but we had laptop problems and the game got erased, and I never did put it back in... until now.

I spent 6 hours one day just exploring the world of Riven. It really is incredible! I have to have paper and pen with me to note certain specific things either read, or seen in the game, where I can find certain items again if I need to, note different patterns or clues I seem to see where I go... that sort of thing. I LOVE this game! It really makes you think. I'm not very far yet, I still have a lot to figure out, but I'm enjoying this! Exploring all the different islands and how to get from one to the other is fun. The beginning of the game has a rotating scarab room that I found interesting and took a while to figure it out... but once I did there was so much more opened up to me! Oh, I love it!

I am looking forward to seeing what else this game has to offer. I just found a "map" on a small island that shows the islands and you can fill them with "water" using buttons in front of you, then you can view the topography of each island and find the different "domes" located on each island. These correspond to another puzzle in Riven, and each of the domes holds a "book" I believe, at least the ones I've opened up and looked at do. I'm still not sure what to do with the domes once opened, as I haven't gotten that far yet. I have a feeling I have to figure out the aforementioned puzzle. We'll see... once I find time to play again. Hopefully I won't lose my sketched notes before then!

Keep on playin!

Friday, February 8, 2008


So, I haven't posted for awhile. Actually, I haven't played much for awhile either, just keeping my flowers watered in animal crossing. Sigh. I hate it when I get sick. I don't want to do a thing.

I haven't finished my nintendo mural either. I quit after monday. That was the last day I worked on it (the 28th). Sigh. I need to get my energy back and complete that one.

Anyway, just figured I'd post something this week. So tired. Blech. I can't believe Valentine's day is just around the corner!


Monday, January 28, 2008

Watching the Game

My hubby is currently playing Mario Galaxy. Sometimes it is quite painful to watch! He has such a hard time with tasks that I find relatively simple! Then he tries to do the stars that even I found difficult and I cannot bear to watch... which is why I am writing this! Ha ha.

I finally went and updated my ACC catalogue for Animal Crossing. I have almost completed my catalogue, but there are a few more items I have left to get. I only have one song left to complete my list of K.K. Sliders tunes. That I will hopefully remember to get on Saturday. I also only have a couple more bugs and fish to catch. I havent even bothered trying with those in ages. I'm still waiting to wifi with the person who wants Tangy. They haven't responded to me yet.

I'm also working on a mural right now. I started it ages ago and then quit a couple of years ago due to going to school. I just started getting back into it again and am quite excited with how well it is turning out. I'll post pics when it is done. It is of Ganondorf, Link, and Zelda. I finished Link and Zelda already a long time ago, but only started Ganondorf when I quit working on it. Now I'm finishing him up. I will probably finish by the end of the week if I continue to spend a little time each day on it.

Keep on Playin!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


So I just added the list of games I want to get under my list of current games. I could probably add a lot more, but for now those are the ones I could think of. If anyone has game suggestions, let me know ;).

Another great game is Rock Star! I played it at a friends house and we had a blast. The drums and guitar are fun, and singing into the mike isn't too bad. I didn't know any of the songs, and on the easy setting I still managed a high 90 percentile. I'm sure you have to hit the pitch much more accurately in more difficult settings. Apparently the most difficult setting for the drums is basically like actually playing drums! Sounds like lots of fun! Too bad they don't have that game for the Wii... although it is rather pricey! Looks like it would be a fun party game... instead of Kareoke, go for this! Piles of fun!

I've been continuing to play my Animal Crossing Wild World on a daily basis, mostly to water flowers and such. Tangy just moved out of my town, and there is someone on ACC (see web links) that wants her, so I won't wifi till we set a time to do so... but then I cannot allow any villagers to move out till then, so it had better be soon! The ninth slot in that game is interesting. If you have a townie that moves, they go into your ninth 'out' slot. Then when you wifi with someone, they will move into that person's ninth 'in' slot, and move into their town. I will then get whomever is in their 'out' slot. The townie will remember you even after they moved, they keep all your letters, the furniture you sent them, etc. It's really neat! I can't wait to see what they do to the Wii version!

Anyway, I feel like playing Mario Galaxy, or as Luigi is now calling it, Super 'Luigi' Galaxy! Lol. Keep playin!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mario Galaxy - Fun with Luigi

I've been having a blast with Mario Galaxy. I managed to get all 120 stars with Mario and am now playing as Luigi. It's so funny, you have to save yourself in the Haunted Mansion, and everyone talks about your double. Ha ha. Anyway, I had some fun with it.

Here's my fun little vid. I call it "Luigi giving himself a headache". Not terribly creative, I know, but I had to have some fun with it.

Here are a few other photos I took for fun.

He actually is still calling for Mario here.

I don't blame him for the snooze...

Ha ha! "Are you me?"

The things Luigi says to himself are hilarious.

I thought this was cute... two Luigi's save a green star!

Anyway, I thought you'd enjoy these pics, as I enjoyed taking them. This game really is so fun to play. I can't wait to get the purple comets! Till later, Keep on Playin!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fun with Games

I love games. Sometimes, a little too much. My faves are nintendo games, mainly Zelda and Mario. I'm also a big big fan of Animal Crossing.

I decided to make this blog as a fun little item totally dedicated to gaming. I usually play my Animal Crossing Wild World (DS) game on a daily basis, and am on a site called the Animal Crossing Community, which is a fun way to connect with other players. I also own the Wii and the Gamecube, the gameboy player attachment for the cube, and a gameboy advance. I have a lot of games, not as many as some by far, but enough to keep me interested. Oh, and I LOVE the Wii Shop Channel. I haven't bought many games on there yet, but it is sooo much fun to look at all the oldies I used to play as a kid, and then wonder if I should try to get back into them again.

I eventually want to make some fun little videos to put on Youtube that I can post here using bits and pieces from games. I need a video capture device first, one that I can hook up to my tv and my computer so I can capture digital video of my games whenever I wish. We're looking into a program called Pinnacle. This would also be useful to transfer my video camera mini DV to the computer as well. Any suggestions?

I will be posting again, probably later today, as I've been having lots of fun playing Mario Galaxy and took a few pics yesturday. Till later!

Keep on Playin!