Friday, March 28, 2008

New Games

So, I haven't played Riven in awhile as I've gotten busy with other things. Saturday we did grocery shopping and the had a deal on... if you purchase $250 in the grocery store (and electronics... wink wink), you get $30 back. So... since our groceries normally hit 180, we bought two games... Super Smash Brawl for the Wii ($50) and Zelda Phantom Hourglass for the DS (on sale from $35 to $25). Yippee! Both games are awesome! I love the adventure mode in SS Brawl, and Chuck and I play it together. Wifi will be fun to do as well! And Phantom Hourglass is addicting! The map feature is so nice (you can draw on your maps, and much of that is needed, especially when you have an uncharted island and have to actually draw it in)! I've now entered my code for both games on Animal Crossing Community, and I've also registered them both on I'll be getting a free zelda feather stylus for registering and doing a survey for Phantom Hourglass. Yippee! I love free things, lol.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be finishing my mural very shortly and will add pics of it soon... hopefully. ;)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Computer Gaming

I haven't been playing my Wii or my DS much, except to keep up with my animal crossing. But, I just dusted off my Riven game again. Riven is the sequel to Myst, a game I played years and years ago that I really enjoyed. I started Riven for the first time last year, but we had laptop problems and the game got erased, and I never did put it back in... until now.

I spent 6 hours one day just exploring the world of Riven. It really is incredible! I have to have paper and pen with me to note certain specific things either read, or seen in the game, where I can find certain items again if I need to, note different patterns or clues I seem to see where I go... that sort of thing. I LOVE this game! It really makes you think. I'm not very far yet, I still have a lot to figure out, but I'm enjoying this! Exploring all the different islands and how to get from one to the other is fun. The beginning of the game has a rotating scarab room that I found interesting and took a while to figure it out... but once I did there was so much more opened up to me! Oh, I love it!

I am looking forward to seeing what else this game has to offer. I just found a "map" on a small island that shows the islands and you can fill them with "water" using buttons in front of you, then you can view the topography of each island and find the different "domes" located on each island. These correspond to another puzzle in Riven, and each of the domes holds a "book" I believe, at least the ones I've opened up and looked at do. I'm still not sure what to do with the domes once opened, as I haven't gotten that far yet. I have a feeling I have to figure out the aforementioned puzzle. We'll see... once I find time to play again. Hopefully I won't lose my sketched notes before then!

Keep on playin!