Monday, April 21, 2008

DVD Burner

We recently had... uh... computer troubles. Annoyingly enough while I was doing work. Turns out the motherboard was fried. We found out that the cost of a new motherboard and installation fees was about $450, while a new tower, along with a few extras was only $590. Naturally, we went with a new tower. Along with it (included in the price) we got a firewire and corresponding cable, so now I can easily load our video to the computer. The RAM is doubled, and we have more ROM than we know what to do with. Plus, instead of a CD burner, we now have a DVD burner. Bonus! Now I can play Riven on my computer instead of just the laptop! Also really helpful with a load of other things... like burning pics on discs. Much less discs needed with a DVD burner.

Now if only we can find something to record video straight from the tv/video games to my laptop...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wii Shop Channel

I'm wondering what type of games people love on their Wii Shop Channel. So far I've gotten Ecco the Dolphin, Mario 3, and Paper Mario.

Ecco is an interesting game about... a dolphin. The graphics were stunning in their time, and still gorgeous to watch. I really enjoyed just swimming around with Ecco and practicing Sonar, eating fish, and so on. It's a beautiful game to watch... but extremely difficult to play. There were many times I couldn't get past an area because you get hit so easily (especially the ice areas). It wouldn't look like you were touched at all, but it would barely get to your tail or something and register as a hit. Not fun in that way. Otherwise though, the puzzles, the mazes, it was an interesting game. Not one I will play again all the way through though... more just for fun swimming. :)

Mario 3 is a must buy! An amazing game! We had this one when I was younger, and since you can "save" on the Wii, it's great! You can play for awhile, then go back and play some more. Perhaps I'll get to Bowser this time. I managed once on NES and got to the final castle (I've played through each world too) and said I was going to take a break, and my brother... poor guy... automatically went and pushed in the power button. Oops. We tried taping it in (as it won't turn off till the button comes back out) but it didn't work. He was so upset with himself!

Paper Mario is so fun! I really enjoyed this one. The story was great, it was quite funny, and the bits with Peach where you play as her on her own were sweet and a welcome break from the normal bits with Mario. I really enjoyed this game! I was able to play for hours at a time, and on those days where the weather wasn't great... sigh. I kinda want to start playing again!

Now I have to figure out whatever games I want to get next. I've been looking at the Donkey Kong Country trio, as well as Ecco Tides of Time as that one is supposed to have 3 difficulty settings and be "easier" and less annoying, Kirby for the NES, and then there's Super Mario 2 and A Link to the Past.

Are there any games you are hoping will hit the Wii Shop Channel? I really want to see Mario Paint Composer for the SNES! They could change it to use the wiimote instead of a mouse, and you could download the pics you do to post to your message board and send to friends, and the music you make could be made into mp3's to put on your SD card that you could get into your computer, or post to friends, or something. I would LOVE to see that game up there soon.

Well, that's my blurb on the Wii Shop Channel. Keep Playin!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Zelda Phantom Hourglass

So, I've defeated this game already. It's rather short, but loads of fun. I still have things to find out on the ocean, and so away I go, with Lineback asking me when I'll stop loafing around and save Tetra every time we dock. Sigh. I already DID save Tetra... now I'm having fun! Oh well.

I completed the trading side quest already and *spoiler alert* at the end of it all you learn a hurricane-like spin that makes you dizzy once done. Yeah, it's the same frantic spinning from Windwaker. Fun to watch, but I find it kinda useless myself. Never used it in Windwaker, and don't see myself using it here... but it's a nice finish to a side quest.

I'm still trying to find all the different ship parts and treasures. The latest treasure I got as a "new" one was pink coral. I'm missing one more... I saw it in a store once but that was early in the game when I didn't have enough rupees. Sigh. It's some kind of kingly ring.

Anyone manage to get over 1700 points in the Bow & Arrow mini game? I finally did... after many tries. I got 1800. Now he wants me to get better than 2000. I feel like just leaving it. It's probably just for a heart anyway. 1700 gets you a larger quiver. The bomb mini game was a lot easier. Same with the one on Dee Ess (lol) isle.

Anyway, that's my bit for now. Till later, keep on gaming!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finished the Mural!

I finally finished my mural! I took a few pics for you to enjoy. I have full size ones on photobucket as well.

The entire wall... I had to blend two pics to get this on one pic... it's a big wall and a small room.

Here is Zelda. She was the first part I completed on this mural. All her intricate gold work took a lot of time and this photo really doesn't do it justice. I finished her in 2005. She took about 10 days, working every day for 3 hours.

Here is Link. I finished him in 2005 as well. Link only took about a week to do as he doesn't have a lot of intricate work to him. His boots are my fave part!

And lastly, Ganondorf. I waited a good long time to work on him as I started school in September of 05 and graduated in May 07. He was mainly just a shadow, drawn in and somewhat shaded with color to help me decipher where to put things. I worked on him for about 15-20 days at 2 hours a day. That was spread out over a long period of time, especially since after grad lots of other things happened. I'm just so happy to be done. It all looks really good. Oh, and those whitish pieces? They would have to be the most difficult part. I redid the boots twice before figuring out how to do them just so, then the rest was easy. Plus, I was really out of practice, and decided to start up painting him again by going for the hardest portion first. Silly, really, but at least I didn't have to do it later!

I also worked on Navi, but she only took about 1/2 hour tops. Really easy as she's just a blue ball with a bit of shading, wings, and a trail of fairy dust behind her.

So, that's my accomplishment! I'm so thrilled to be done!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Zelda Phantom Hourglass

I'm addicted to this game! I just defeated the two headed gleox in the ice temple and that was the first time I needed any kind of help. I wasn't sure how to defeat it. I tried various things and seems that I almost had it a few times but wasn't hitting the things. So, when I checked how to defeat them online (after using one of my jars of potion), it was a breeze. So now I have two of the three precious metals. Oh, and that island is littered with rupees...

That's all I'll say for now. I'm gonna finish my mural today. I thought I was done yesturday but realized I forgot two small details... and I'm detailed, so I won't post pics till I'm DONE.

Later everyone!