Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Zelda Phantom Hourglass

So, I've defeated this game already. It's rather short, but loads of fun. I still have things to find out on the ocean, and so away I go, with Lineback asking me when I'll stop loafing around and save Tetra every time we dock. Sigh. I already DID save Tetra... now I'm having fun! Oh well.

I completed the trading side quest already and *spoiler alert* at the end of it all you learn a hurricane-like spin that makes you dizzy once done. Yeah, it's the same frantic spinning from Windwaker. Fun to watch, but I find it kinda useless myself. Never used it in Windwaker, and don't see myself using it here... but it's a nice finish to a side quest.

I'm still trying to find all the different ship parts and treasures. The latest treasure I got as a "new" one was pink coral. I'm missing one more... I saw it in a store once but that was early in the game when I didn't have enough rupees. Sigh. It's some kind of kingly ring.

Anyone manage to get over 1700 points in the Bow & Arrow mini game? I finally did... after many tries. I got 1800. Now he wants me to get better than 2000. I feel like just leaving it. It's probably just for a heart anyway. 1700 gets you a larger quiver. The bomb mini game was a lot easier. Same with the one on Dee Ess (lol) isle.

Anyway, that's my bit for now. Till later, keep on gaming!

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