Monday, April 21, 2008

DVD Burner

We recently had... uh... computer troubles. Annoyingly enough while I was doing work. Turns out the motherboard was fried. We found out that the cost of a new motherboard and installation fees was about $450, while a new tower, along with a few extras was only $590. Naturally, we went with a new tower. Along with it (included in the price) we got a firewire and corresponding cable, so now I can easily load our video to the computer. The RAM is doubled, and we have more ROM than we know what to do with. Plus, instead of a CD burner, we now have a DVD burner. Bonus! Now I can play Riven on my computer instead of just the laptop! Also really helpful with a load of other things... like burning pics on discs. Much less discs needed with a DVD burner.

Now if only we can find something to record video straight from the tv/video games to my laptop...

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