Saturday, May 3, 2008

Brawl, etc

I'm loving the solo adventure option in Brawl. I played again yesturday for a little while, and am having a blast searching through the levels for different stickers and trophies, watching as the story unfolds, etc. I LOVE Peach. She is so cute and funny throughout. All the characters are awesome. Watch the cutscene after you get Peach and Sheik back... ok, and when you get them back. Hilarious!

I'm still debating what games to get through the Wii. Sigh. I've sorta stopped making miis, and the contest channel has kinda gone unused the last while. I still like the voting channel. I don't think I ever check the forecast through the wii anymore, or the news (I just don't see the point), but I love the messages you can post to friends or anyone in your own house. The calendar is awesome. I've been posting lil messages for myself all over it... and for hubby too of course.

Next game I really want... Wii Fit!

Keep on Playin!

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