Monday, May 26, 2008

Wii Calendar

I've been trying out some of the Wii features lately as I don't have terribly many games to choose from currently. The Wii calendar feature is my latest victim. I've been actually typing up all sorts of little posts to myself about future dates, birthdays, tasks, appointments and things of that sort. My husband doesn't go on there much, but if he did he'd find a few posts to him with his Mii on them. I'm thinking of coming up with some kind of code... things I post to myself with no mii or a specific mii, things to my husband with his mii, and then if he wishes to post things to me, use my mii. Birthdays I post with the person's mii whose having the birthday. I've made one of each of my family members.

I like being able to see how much play time I've had on there as well. The fact that they post all that information when you've been playing on any of the channels is quite interesting.

So, do you use the Wii Calendar? How about posting letters to friends over wifi? I've posted a few. I've had fun with the picture taking option of your game stats in Mario Galaxy, and posted that to a friend who has the game as well. Getting letters from friends is nice as well. I wonder if there is a way to make the Wii blue light flash when you want to be reminded of a certain "post" you put on the calendar? I'll have to look into this further.
Anyway, that's my bit on the Wii Calendar feature. Keep Playin!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nintendo Channel

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So, I recently acquired the Nintendo Channel on the Wii, and I'm thrilled to have it! I love being able to preview upcoming games, both Wii and DS. This is something I'm so glad Nintendo decided to do, as it will not only aid in sales promotions, but it will help customers make more informed decisions on the games they wish to buy. I wasn't initially too big on Mario Kart Wii... not until I saw the preview for it on the Nintendo Channel. Now I'm much more inclined to buy it! I just wish I had more people in the immediate area that enjoyed playing as much as me. Chuck isn't as into it. I'm thinking I should buy (or maybe rent one or two) games that are great for parties and then have one. Do some matches on Wii Play (a friend of mine has that one), Super Smash Brawl, maybe rent or purchase Mario Kart, then there's Wii Sports... it would be great.

Wii Fit is looking more and more interesting to me. Being pregnant, I wouldn't expect to see "progress" on the game at first of course, not until the baby is born, but then I could track my weight loss progress afterwards. I love the idea of seeing it in chart form as I've always loved charts and graphs. Also, since I don't have a scale, this is like getting two things at once! And apparently this "scale" is very accurate... although it better be. The game and scale is about $100! I'm thinking I may wait to purchase it till the price goes down a bit. Sigh.

That's my lil blurb on the Nintendo Channel. I still have many little vids to watch yet. Till next time, keep on playin!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home Again

So we went on a trip you can read about in my Seeds of the Heart blog. I now need to catch up on Animal Crossing, and haven't played any video games the whole time. I decided not to bring the DS with me as I didn't want to risk losing it or damaging it. I didn't need it during the trip, brought books instead. I managed to "play ahead" my acww game to the 14th, so today I played the 15th, and should do the 16th too, just to help catch up a bit.

I saw some used games in one of the video rental stores for cheap. The GC game "Crystal Chronicles" was on for $13, and Mario Kart Double Dash was $15. What do you think... should I buy?

Thats all for now! Keep playin!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Brawl, etc

I'm loving the solo adventure option in Brawl. I played again yesturday for a little while, and am having a blast searching through the levels for different stickers and trophies, watching as the story unfolds, etc. I LOVE Peach. She is so cute and funny throughout. All the characters are awesome. Watch the cutscene after you get Peach and Sheik back... ok, and when you get them back. Hilarious!

I'm still debating what games to get through the Wii. Sigh. I've sorta stopped making miis, and the contest channel has kinda gone unused the last while. I still like the voting channel. I don't think I ever check the forecast through the wii anymore, or the news (I just don't see the point), but I love the messages you can post to friends or anyone in your own house. The calendar is awesome. I've been posting lil messages for myself all over it... and for hubby too of course.

Next game I really want... Wii Fit!

Keep on Playin!