Sunday, January 27, 2008


So I just added the list of games I want to get under my list of current games. I could probably add a lot more, but for now those are the ones I could think of. If anyone has game suggestions, let me know ;).

Another great game is Rock Star! I played it at a friends house and we had a blast. The drums and guitar are fun, and singing into the mike isn't too bad. I didn't know any of the songs, and on the easy setting I still managed a high 90 percentile. I'm sure you have to hit the pitch much more accurately in more difficult settings. Apparently the most difficult setting for the drums is basically like actually playing drums! Sounds like lots of fun! Too bad they don't have that game for the Wii... although it is rather pricey! Looks like it would be a fun party game... instead of Kareoke, go for this! Piles of fun!

I've been continuing to play my Animal Crossing Wild World on a daily basis, mostly to water flowers and such. Tangy just moved out of my town, and there is someone on ACC (see web links) that wants her, so I won't wifi till we set a time to do so... but then I cannot allow any villagers to move out till then, so it had better be soon! The ninth slot in that game is interesting. If you have a townie that moves, they go into your ninth 'out' slot. Then when you wifi with someone, they will move into that person's ninth 'in' slot, and move into their town. I will then get whomever is in their 'out' slot. The townie will remember you even after they moved, they keep all your letters, the furniture you sent them, etc. It's really neat! I can't wait to see what they do to the Wii version!

Anyway, I feel like playing Mario Galaxy, or as Luigi is now calling it, Super 'Luigi' Galaxy! Lol. Keep playin!

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