Monday, January 28, 2008

Watching the Game

My hubby is currently playing Mario Galaxy. Sometimes it is quite painful to watch! He has such a hard time with tasks that I find relatively simple! Then he tries to do the stars that even I found difficult and I cannot bear to watch... which is why I am writing this! Ha ha.

I finally went and updated my ACC catalogue for Animal Crossing. I have almost completed my catalogue, but there are a few more items I have left to get. I only have one song left to complete my list of K.K. Sliders tunes. That I will hopefully remember to get on Saturday. I also only have a couple more bugs and fish to catch. I havent even bothered trying with those in ages. I'm still waiting to wifi with the person who wants Tangy. They haven't responded to me yet.

I'm also working on a mural right now. I started it ages ago and then quit a couple of years ago due to going to school. I just started getting back into it again and am quite excited with how well it is turning out. I'll post pics when it is done. It is of Ganondorf, Link, and Zelda. I finished Link and Zelda already a long time ago, but only started Ganondorf when I quit working on it. Now I'm finishing him up. I will probably finish by the end of the week if I continue to spend a little time each day on it.

Keep on Playin!

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