Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fun with Games

I love games. Sometimes, a little too much. My faves are nintendo games, mainly Zelda and Mario. I'm also a big big fan of Animal Crossing.

I decided to make this blog as a fun little item totally dedicated to gaming. I usually play my Animal Crossing Wild World (DS) game on a daily basis, and am on a site called the Animal Crossing Community, which is a fun way to connect with other players. I also own the Wii and the Gamecube, the gameboy player attachment for the cube, and a gameboy advance. I have a lot of games, not as many as some by far, but enough to keep me interested. Oh, and I LOVE the Wii Shop Channel. I haven't bought many games on there yet, but it is sooo much fun to look at all the oldies I used to play as a kid, and then wonder if I should try to get back into them again.

I eventually want to make some fun little videos to put on Youtube that I can post here using bits and pieces from games. I need a video capture device first, one that I can hook up to my tv and my computer so I can capture digital video of my games whenever I wish. We're looking into a program called Pinnacle. This would also be useful to transfer my video camera mini DV to the computer as well. Any suggestions?

I will be posting again, probably later today, as I've been having lots of fun playing Mario Galaxy and took a few pics yesturday. Till later!

Keep on Playin!

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