Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Animal Crossing

So, Nintendo announced the new Animal Crossing: City Life game for the Wii! It is coming out November 16 of this year... just in time for my birthday! (smile). I've looked at some of the E3 footage, and am impressed. I don't know if some of my wishes will take place... mainly hoping for an actual "yard" in the game to display outdoor sets, and a photo album for townies pictures, but I know they have the online capabilities, you can visit a city and see all new shops, including an auction where you can bid on things and sell your own items, and the most interesting bit is the Wii Speak, allowing you and everyone in the room to talk to whomever you are playing with online (need online friend codes for the wii system, and probably the game as well). I'm definetly getting this one... if not for a birthday gift, then I'll use my savings... which will hopefully be back up once I get Wii Fit. ;)

Anyway, I've noticed that my ACWW game has been having plenty of rain as of late... not unlike us here at home. Almost every day it has been raining, and I'm not complaining. Means I don't need to water flowers and can go fishing instead. I'm seriously thinking of selling all my flowers and hybrids (I've had them up now for almost a year with no changes...), especially if I'm going to get the new AC:CL. I stopped playing the gc version of AC when I got the DS version, and will probably have similar happen. May as well sell the flowers instead of having them all die on me... but I won't do that for another few months.

That's it for now. See you on the Wii in a few months! ;) Here are a few links to tickle your fancy on the upcoming game.

E3 Website
IGN videos

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