Friday, June 27, 2008

DS Demos

Today I was unable to do any work in the house like I have been, so I decided to try a few game demos on the DS through the Nintendo Channel on the Wii. So, I tried most of the games. The crossword ones were pretty good. I also liked the wordsearch... however I enjoyed the crosswords more. The wordsearch just was too boring, and having to scroll from side to side was no fun. The wordsearch was more fun than paper ones because you could get it to tell you if the letter you put in was wrong... so if you had 2 different 5 letter words you could choose for 1 down, if you initially put in the wrong one, you aren't "stuck". I've never cared much for crosswords before...

The cake mania game was not my thing. Ok for playing a demo, but not for purchase in my opinion. The brain age and Flash focus games were what I expected. I have brain age, so I don't see the point in getting the 2nd. I prefer the sudoku. That's my fave. The Kung Foo Panda one was not my thing, and the Robot one (I can't remember the name right now... Wall E?) was ok but too easy and boring.

Try it out! So much fun to try things out...

Keep on playin!

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