Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Wii Fit Update

So, I've officially unlocked everything, and logged over 25 hours of time on my wii fit (or at least, over 25 hours of wii fit credits). They change the color of the piggy 'bank' with the more hours you log... once at 10, and once at 20. I'll see in about a week and a half if they do so at 30 too.

I've been noticing something... I weigh myself every day, and in two months only missed one day of weigh in... it's awesome to see the graph and check my weight flux throughout the month. Anyway, on to my discovery... my weight increases on the weekend... usually due to friday or saturday. Then, it slowly decreases back to the previous weight... so I get small spikes each weekend and everything goes down again during the weeks... probably due to my workout routine and eating habits... I tend to eat more on weekends, and I don't tend to do the wii fit workouts on weekends (although I do get other exercise in usually, just not yoga and strength training).

So, my wii fit has been teaching me things! I'm currently at my ideal weight, which is nice... and my flux is always between 21.97 bmi and 22.65. Not bad.

I love this game... exercise... thing...

Oh, and as for the marble drop game... I beat the advanced with a score of 145! Whoop!

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