Friday, January 9, 2009

How 'Fit' Are You?

So... yeah, still on the Wii Fit... still losing pounds (although I'm at the right BMI now), and still discovering new things, even though I've unlocked everything there is to unlock... even the 'platinum' piggy bank.

I wonder what happens when you log 50 hours of credits?

Anyway, I noticed something new in the jogging sections of the game. I knew that with the short run you could follow the dog sometime in the middle of the jog... when you hear the dog bark, just start running faster and you'll be told to follow the dog instead. I didn't know you could do this with the others... I discovered the long run doggie a couple of weeks ago. It was great... you even jump off a wall chasing this dog! The dog shows up right near the beginning of the run, so you have to start out fast. You'll hear him shortly after you cross the start line. The island lap also has a dog near the beginning. Then you can go to a second dog who is moving faster later on, while in some caves. You take a completely different path while following the dogs, and it means a more interesting run, especially if youve been doing the running a lot. Also, look for more of those little Mario stickers along the path... hint, there's a star in a tree, Mario on some buildings, and I saw Luigi on a fountain...

I think I want to map out all those things yet... something to keep it interesting as I've already logged almost 40 hours! Maybe I'll put in those last 11 minutes today... (wink wink).

Keep on playin!

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