Friday, November 14, 2008

Been Awhile

Yeah... I haven't posted here in quite some time!

I ended up buying a new game for Wii called Zack and Wiki. It's quite fun. The puzzles are somewhat challenging as the game progresses and I have to admit I got stuck in a couple of places (I knew what I had to do, I just kept making one simple little mistake...). I don't care for the creepiness of Barbaros Castle at all, but the puzzles there are the most fun. Great buy for $20 in my opinion.

We also picked up a points card from "The Source" recently. That's the cheapest way to get them here in Canada currently. Taking into consideration the dollar, it costs $24 to purchase through the Wii for 2000 points. They go for $25 retail in every store I've seen except The Source... there they can be picked up for $20. So, cha-ching in my wallet! Now to pick the games I want... Tetris Party looks promising, as does World of Goo. I'm also curious about Protect the Castle, Strong Bad, Pokemon Ranch, and Aquarium. Oh, and this other game... Lost Winds or something? Heard that one is really good too.

Wii Fit has proved to aid in getting me down to a BMI of 22, which means I actually weigh a bit less now than I did before getting preggers... and dear hubby has noticed my tummy getting flatter. I'm more flexible now with the yoga I've been doing. I love the last yoga move, the shoulder stand I think it's called. I can actually do it properly now instead of having to use my hands to get my legs where they need to go. My ab strength is almost back! Woo hoo!

I registered Marin on Wii Fit now too... (smile). She currently weighs 9.4lbs. Her BMI is low for her 'length' apparently, but that's ok. She isn't underweight. It's nice that I can keep track of her weight this way, and now that she's not sick anymore, she's gaining again (she was at a steady 9lbs for almost 2 weeks straight... and they are supposed to gain about 2lbs a month I've heard, although if she gains in general I'm happy with that). She weighs so little the scale says it can't find her center of balance, which is good since she's laying on the scale instead of standing (smile again).
Well, that's it for now. Gotta go do my weigh in for today and my 30 minute exercise... yeah... I upped my daily to 30, and sometimes kick it up to 60 with the free run or free step in aerobics. Great stuff.

Keep Playin!

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