Monday, June 8, 2009


I just completed the 30 days in Pikmin. I only managed to collect 29 of the parts as the last part you can get is only available after the 29 other parts were collected. I only had one day left when I landed in the new area, and I couldn't defeat the creature in time. SO yeah, one part short.

This is a VERY addicting game. I like the Wii controls, they work nicely. I never played with the Gamecube, so I have no idea which is better. For $30, it's a great game. I got it for $20 on sale, so even better.

Really, this is one addicting game. You control Olimar, a cute round headed guy who crash landed on Earth. He controls little Pikmin, plant like creatures that have varied characteristics. Red ones are fire-proof, yellow ones fly higher and can plant bombs, and blue ones can swim (others drown). You really want flower pikmin vs leaf ones as the flower ones will 'seed' when they die in battle and leave more pikmin there the next day. They are also much faster.

Basically, you use the pikmin to try to find your various ship parts. Collecting pellets of similar color to turn into more pikming seeds along the way. Defeated enemy's will produce many pikmin as well.

The worlds are bright and colorful, the music is just right, and it's quite the relaxing game to get into. You will soon be making sure you never leave a pikmin behind to be eaten overnight, you'll be building your army up in the best way you can, and collecting parts to your ship as you go.

A note... when you exit an area and go to another, all the enemies from the previous area will be back. If you don't want to have to deal with slaying enemies all the time, try to collect as many of the ship parts as you can from one area over consecutive days before you move to another.

All in all, a great game! Now I want to replay it and see how many days I can collect all the parts in.

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