Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I see it has been an age since I last posted. Oops. In that time I got a new game. Elebits. Ok, so it's a new game for me, but a relatively old one for the Wii already. I managed to nab it for $15... sweet!

I really like this game. The story is cheesy, and the voices are even cheesier, but the game play makes up for it! Basically, you are given a variety of missions (20+) in which you have to meet the objectives of catching a certain number of watts of elebits within the time period following the restrictions (some are 'don't break more than _# items', or 'don't make loud noise', things like that). There are a variety of elebits, new ones appear as you move through the challenges (my favorite are the little yellow guys that suck up elebits around them to turn into big guys that you have to 'smash' to turn into the regular sized elebits again before collecting them). They have varying amounts of watts to each type of elebit, and each one has a characteristic that is different from the others. Really though, just smashing things and sucking things up is a lot of fun... but it won't get you through the game. Some of the levels are quite challenging.

The pink elebits are kinda fun. If you can catch all three, you will get the 'unlimited time' mode for that mission (one unlocks the challenge mode as well). You have to find the first two to get the third one though, and you have to complete the mission with a certain prerequisite to get that third one to appear in front of you. They hide again real quick too. And they don't carry any watts.

There is also an edit mode, where you can 'create' your own room to send over wifi to someone else to play. I haven't really played with this or figured it out yet, however. You can unlock items to place in your edited rooms as you play the game

There are also charged elebits. These guys come from various appliances/toys that you turn on with the wattage you've collected. Collect them to increase the power of your capture gun so you can lift bigger objects. They also don't have any watts. If you collect enough, you will be able to lift things like houses in later missions... nothing more satisfying than chucking a house over your shoulder! Move over, Superman!

Anyway, that is my brief blurb on Elebits. If you can nab this one for $15-$20, it is worth it!

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