Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Zelda Halloween

I've been working on some costumes recently... and here are a couple of pics of them. They aren't completely done yet, but close enough for now.

My husband as 'Link'. Picture is a bit tilted due to having to hold the camera back a ways from where I was standing. I sewed a LOT that day... the gloves, hat, tunic (the brown pieces are sewn onto the tunic itself), tunic detailing in the corners (I guess you can't really see that) and I even made boots (which aren't in the pic). Turned out ok. Don't have ears yet, or the sword or shield. That is something I'll have to make eventually.

Here is our little Zelda family. My daughter is Epona (a purchased costume... whew). I'm Zelda of course. The 'armor' pieces didn't quite get finished. I have to find a way to keep them together other than tape, and I wish to actually buy a wig to attach the headpiece on permanently instead of having it on my own head and hair. I need to finish the base of the dress and detailing on the gloves as well. And I want some larger pieces of foam so I can make the shoulder pieces more like the belt/headpiece/neckpiece and three dimentional instead of painted cardstock. It would also be a LOT more comfortable. My fave piece is the front panel. I sewed it myself, and using yarn and glue, I attached all the decorative accents. It looks quite good! And my first attempt at sewing any type of clothing can be seen in the vest. I did the whole thing from scratch, even making my own pattern. It needs a bit of reworking, but on the whole, I'm very proud of it.
So, there you have it. What I've been up to this last week (instead of video games... although haven't done as much of that as I'd like either... sigh).

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Andimama said...

Love the Zelda costumes!! I'm a big fan of the Zelda series as well, and a mommy!