Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wishin to do some Cosplay

So, lately I've been in the mood to make some costumes.  I think getting a bunch of fun sewing done the last few years has helped... and the fact that i can zip up my zelda dress again after so long  (yup... lost some weight... good for me!).  So... I need to modify my zelda costume a bit.  It was never finished, and now I think I may try to finish it proper.  I also really want to do Midna.  I love her true form, and I also thought that would make a good belly dance type costume.  And Nabooru.  I would love to make a belly dance routine to the Gerudo music as well... one of my fave songs in OoT.  Yeah... although I think I should finish the costumes I already started, first.  I did make my gypsy costume for my belly dance recital... should do the egyptian one soon.  I've just been borrowing for now.

What sorts of costumes would you like to see?

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